Noble Engineering Facilities

Based in Skelmersdale, North West, UK with an extensive factory we can house a large selection of production equipment and are able to meet any needs that may arise.

Our Manufacturing Facilities Include

Site Area - 4,150 sq mtrs
Production Area - 1,400 sq mtrs
Access Doors - 3.6m x 3.6m
Project Office - 130 sq mtrs

Machining Equipment

CNC Vertical M/C Centre
20 tool ATC 1010 x 500 x 500 xyz
CNC Lathe
  • Swing
  • BTC
  • Spindle Bore
  • 800mm ø
  • 3000mm
  • 105mm
Horizontal Borers
to 1200 x 1200 table
Vertical Borers
Centre Lathes
1100mm dia. BTC 3000
Universal Mills
2000 x 700mm table
Drilling (radial)
to 100mm dia
Drilling CNC 3 axis
1150 x 920 x 920 xyz

Fabrication Equipment

ADIRA Press Brake
150 te x 3050mm
3050mm x 6mm
NC Folding Press
2540mm x 3.2mm
Manual Folder
GEKA Metal Worker
2 Sets Rollers
Profile Burner
MMA Welders
to 360 amps
Tig Welders
to 350 amps
Mig Welders
to 600 amps
Spot Welders
to 25KA
Plasma Arc Cutting
Air Compressors
Shot Blasting Units
Paint Spray Booth
Various Hand Finishing Equipments
Various Chain Blocks
Welding Manipulators